About Us

Discover the heart of KNVBC, where timeless melodies meet dedicated voices, upholding the tradition of old-fashioned Christian radio.

Our Story

KNVBC – Revival Radio began streaming on March 1, 2010, and is a ministry of North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, CA. Situated in the heart of the Silicon Valley, our station began with a vision: to encourage Christians through the broadcasting.

From our humble beginnings, KNVBC has grown exponentially, reaching listeners in every corner of the world. Our commitment to preserving traditional Christian values while embracing the power of modern technology has enabled us to connect with a global audience. Our goal is to uplift, encourage, and challenge our listeners daily. 

Pastor Trieber speaks to the KNVBC Radio family during a live broadcast
Dr. Trieber explains the music you will hear on KNVBC.

Our Station

Music is powerful. Biblical music is a vital part of the Christian’s life that can do much to foster spiritual growth in every believer. Ungodly music will have the opposite effect, leading us away from fellowship with God. It seems that psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs are quickly being replaced in our homes and churches by other forms of music and entertainment.

KNVBC provides Christian music and programming to encourage, equip, and challenge Christians around the world. We are honored that so many people around the globe have made KNVBC their home for Christian music and programming. KNVBC is a station you can trust!

Our Hosts

Pastor Jack Trieber



Pastor Trieber has been the pastor at North Valley since March 1, 1976. He took over the fledgling church with twenty-two people in the first Sunday evening service. God has blessed this church each year with substantial spiritual and numerical growth. In 1977, the North Valley Baptist Schools were established; and in 1996, Golden State Baptist College was founded to train men and women for full-time ministry. Under his leadership, hundreds of pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and Christian servants have been called and sent forth into the Gospel ministry. Pastor Trieber is featured daily on the Revival Time Broadcast. He also hosts a weekly live broadcast where he loves to interact with the listeners from KNVBC.

Cindie Trieber


Born into a pastor’s home in Rockford, Illinois, Cindie (Swanson) Trieber has been in or around the Gospel ministry her entire life. She was married to Jack Trieber in 1972. Over more than 50 years of ministry, Mrs. Trieber has served in almost every capacity imaginable. Currently, the Triebers have three children and fourteen grandchildren.


KNVBC Program Manager

Madison was born and raised in Santa Clara, CA. She attended NVBS from kindergarten to graduation and is currently studying Secondary Education at Golden State Baptist College. She was hired into our Media Department following her junior year.

Alvin Martinez

Alvin Martinez

NVBC Assistant Pastor

Bro. Martinez came to the United States in 1996 to attend Golden State Baptist College. He joined our staff in the maintenance department that year. In 2006, he joined the pastoral staff and started the Lifeline Bible Class, which now averages over 180 in attendance every week. He also teaches an Evening School of the Bible. He and his wife, Theresa, have one daughter, Brooke.

Theresa Martinez

Ladies' Broadcast Host

Theresa graduated from Golden State Baptist College in 2001 and married Alvin Martinez. She began serving in our business office that same year. She and her husband have one daughter, Brooke.

Aaron Moyer



Aaron Moyer grew up in Santa Clara, CA, and attended NVBS from kindergarten to graduation. He now attends Golden State Baptist College, where he is studying Missions. He was hired into our Media Department his sophomore year.

Michael Moyer

Michael Moyer

KNVBC Station Manager

Brother Moyer finished his undergraduate degree at Golden State Baptist College in 2000. After earning his master’s degree in 2001, he joined our staff in the graphic design department. He now heads this entire ministry, which has grown to include all ministry websites, live streaming, Revival Time radio broadcast, KNVBC Radio, and much more. He is also the KNVBC Station Manager and enjoys his broadcast 3 days a week.

Jein Reyes

Ladies' Broadcast Host

Jein Reyes and her family migrated from the Philippines to the United States in 2010. They grew up as Catholics, but through the Bus Ministry of North Valley, they came to know Christ as their Savior on Easter of 2013. She was given the opportunity to finish high school at NVBS, and shortly after graduating college at GSBC, she joined the NVBC staff and began working in the Media Department.